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MeDieViL 19 November 2006 10:26

chocomelk goed voor atleten
DENVER - It comes in only one flavor — no Fierce Grape or Riptide Rush available — and you certainly won't see your favorite basketball star gulping it down on the sideline during a timeout. But a group of scientists recently discovered that one of the most effective drinks to help athletes recover after exercise is the same thing moms across America have been giving their kids for years. A simple glass of chocolate milk.

To be forthright, the study by the scientists from Indiana University was supported in part by the Dairy and Nutrition Council.

Still, their findings are compelling.

The small group of fit athletes who took part in the study were asked to work out strenuously on a stationery bicycle, then drink low-fat chocolate milk, a fluid-replacement drink like Gatorade and a carbohydrate replacement drink like Endurox R4. A few hours later, they were asked to cycle again until they reached exhaustion.

The test was repeated three times — once with each kind of drink — and the data showed that the cyclists were able to go between 49 and 54 percent longer on the second stint after drinking chocolate milk than when they drank the carbohydrate drink. The difference between the milk and the fluid-replacement drink was not significant.

"My way of explaining it is, there's really nothing magic about the powder in a can that you mix with water," cycling coach Scott Saifer said of the carbohydrate drink. "It's water, carbs, proteins, maybe minerals and electrolytes. What's in chocolate milk? The same thing. There's no reason it shouldn't be as good for recovery as a carb drink."

The milk folks tout their product as a less-costly and healthier alternative to the more traditional energy drinks.

They have some data to back up the physiology of the issue. Among their points are that milk also provides much-needed calcium and might be more efficiently absorbed into the system than the other drinks.

The cost analysis also works in their favor.

To get 75 grams of carbohydrate, you'd need about 18 ounces of chocolate milk, three scoops of a carb drink or about 17 ounces of a fluid-replacement drink. The milk option would cost around 49 cents, which is about 95 cents less than the carb drink and about 9 cents less than a 17-ounce serving of Gatorade.

(Prices were calculated on the basis of a sale-priced $3.50 gallon of chocolate milk, an eight-pack of 20-ounce bottles of Gatorade on sale for $5.50 and a 56-scoop container of Endurox priced at $26.95.)

This latest study by the milk industry is an attempt to get people thinking about one of the world's most basic products in new ways. Of course, it could also be viewed as little more than a ploy to cut into the multibillion-dollar sports-drink market. (According to brandchannel.com, Gatorade topped $2 billion in sales in 2001.)

Dietician Mary Lee Chin, who does public-relations work for the Western Dairy Council, says that either way, there's nothing wrong with this sales pitch.

"It's not like you're talking about some beverage that's really outlandish and recommending that," she said. "Milk should be part of everyone's diet anyhow. It's the fact that you already have a nutritional benefit, and then there's this additional replenishment benefit as an added bonus."

The Indiana study netted different results than an earlier study that found participants exercised 55 percent longer after drinking Endurox than they did after drinking Gatorade. The Indiana study concluded the aberration may have been because of methodological differences in the experiments — most notably that subjects in the other study exercised at a more strenuous pace than in the Indiana study.

Chin acknowledged the Indiana study was not conclusive, but believes the findings merit a more expansive study.

As for the prospect of chugging down a glass of chocolate milk on a hot day after an extensive workout ... well, that's a matter of personal preference.

"If it tastes good enough that you want to reach for a bottle and drink it, it's a good exercise drink," said Saifer, who prefers a fruit and yogurt smoothie to quench his thirst. "If it tastes nasty and you don't want to drink it, there's no way it can help you."
Study: Chocolate milk good for athletes - Yahoo! News

Ari70 19 November 2006 13:48

True en post nummer 3999 ;)

alleen wel vet vol Kcal net 3 glazen op kwam neer op 510 Kcal...

3XL 19 November 2006 15:51


Karp, J. R., Johnston, J. D., Tecklenburg, S., Mickleborough, T., Fly, A., & Stager, J. M. (2004). The efficacy of chocolate milk as a recovery aid. Medicine and Science in Sports and

Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 850.

"Sport nutritionists recommend that endurance athletes performing two workouts a day ingest carbohydrates immediately following the first training session to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen. To meet this need, many nutritional products have been marketed as "carbohydrate replacement drinks" (CR) or "fluid replacement drinks" (FR) containing less carbohydrate. Since chocolate milk has a similar carbohydrate content to that of many CR, it may be an effective means of recovery from exhausting exercise" (p. S126).

On three separate days, male endurance-trained cyclists (N = 9) performed an interval workout to deplete muscle glycogen. After four hours of recovery, an endurance trial to exhaustion (70% VO2max followed). After two hours of recovery, Ss were given a carbohydrate replacement, a fluid replacement, or chocolate milk (CM - a carbohydrate protein mix).

Time to exhaustion and total work were significantly different between conditions with chocolate milk providing the best performances, followed by fluid replacement, and carbohydrate replacement. There were no between-treatments differences for total body water, heart rate, perceived exertion, or post-exercise blood lactate.

Implication. Chocolate milk is an effective recovery drink and is better than some commercially available products

Big T 19 November 2006 17:07


2. Suiker heeft nog een tweede voordeel en dat is vooral voor ons bodybuilders soms zeer handig: callorieën. Suiker leverd een enorme hoeveelheid snelle energie en callorieën.
Om een voorbeeld te geven: een volledige, stevige maaltijd leverd ongeveer 800 kcal.
1 enkele liter chocolademelk leverd over de 1000 kcal!
Je begrijpt wel dat dit een zeer handige factor is voor mensen die weinig tijd hebben voor die eerste, meer complexe maaltijd. Nu weet je uit vorige uitleg dat dit grote nadelen heeft, ik dring er daarom op aan om volgende zaken toe te passen:
http://forum.dutchbodybuilding.com/f...702/#post51575 :)

Melk is gewoon een zeer goede herstel-drank omdat casseine bewezen is prima te zijn als post workout eiwit als het op herstel aankomt. De suikers doen de rest. Uiteraard niet iets dat je heel de dag door moet gaan drinken.

BBD 19 November 2006 17:25


Origineel gepost door Big_T (Post 1548156)
Uiteraard niet iets dat je heel de dag door moet gaan drinken.

Waarom niet?

Liters drink ik. :D

Overigens zit er cacao in chocomel.

Big T 19 November 2006 17:51

Eenzijdigheid he, maar in de bulk een zeer goede en betaalbare weightgainer! Ik deed er zelf altijd mijn lijnzaadolie/visolie bij, dan een litertje in 1 keer op. Die bussen van het huismerk kosten ook nog eens 2x niets (dacht 50 cent/L ofzo) :)

Tom1988 19 November 2006 17:53

serieus, werkt het soortgelijks als een weight gainer??...

wvw 19 November 2006 17:56

voortaan na de training nemen dus:)

Worf 20 November 2006 21:23

Interessant dit..

Morgen even idd een paar liters huismerk halen en dan 0,5L als post workout gaan nemen!

Drycure 20 November 2006 22:16

Nog lekker ook.

MMN 20 November 2006 22:35

ik kwam er laatst ook achter 800 Kcal per liter :eek:
als ik nou eens de melk met muesli vervang door chocomelk met muesli;)

Big T 20 November 2006 22:40


Origineel gepost door {W}esley. (Post 1548304)
serieus, werkt het soortgelijks als een weight gainer??...

Een goede WG zal minder snelle suikers (dextrose) en meer langzame suikers (maltodextrines) bevatten, dus denk nu niet dat dit zomaar complexe carbs gaat vervangen. Vandaar alleen na de training!

riggard 20 November 2006 22:51

melk is ook al tijden mijn pwo drankje, dronk het eerst ook pre wo, maar als je dan een halve liter tot een liter drinkt dan ben je nogal misselijk tijdens de training, nu gaat er 250ml melk en 20 gram whey in mijn pre wo shake, erg lekker en voorziet me van de nodige eiwitjes

MeDieViL 21 November 2006 17:22


Origineel gepost door Big_T (Post 1551041)
Een goede WG zal minder snelle suikers (dextrose) en meer langzame suikers (maltodextrines) bevatten, dus denk nu niet dat dit zomaar complexe carbs gaat vervangen. Vandaar alleen na de training!

vertragen de vetten en eiwitten de gi dan niet?

boerenkool 21 November 2006 17:37

Halfvolle chocomel heeft toch niet zo veel calorieën?

Andries 21 November 2006 17:41

En hoe zit het dan met Vifit?? daar zit ook 70 kcal per 100 ml in. Zitten hier ook voornamelijk de "slechte" suikers in?

Vraag stel ik omdat de producent van dit produkt claimt dat Vifit erg gezond is..

killerbee 21 November 2006 17:59

dus meer choco whey shakes nemen :)

3XL 21 November 2006 19:30


Origineel gepost door MeDieViL (Post 1552030)
vertragen de vetten en eiwitten de gi dan niet?


MeDieViL 21 November 2006 19:33

die snelle suikers zijn dus geen probleem:cool:

jopie12 21 November 2006 23:41

jammer de bammer.,.. lactose-intolerant


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